About Us


Welcome to Each Day’s Miracle,

An epiphany came over us about ten years ago; every day is a blessing and anything can be a miracle. Ten years ago a member of our little family unit was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, death sentence we were told, however it has been ten years and no one has passed on, MIRACLE. I happened to be the affected member and from that day forward life seemed to be sweeter. I began paying attention to all that surrounded me; the beauty of a sunset, the crispness of the snow, Summer’s beauty, and how every Spring life began to awaken.

My positivity became infectious as my family began to follow suit. A light bulb moment: if negativity can spread like “Wild Fire” why can’y the same be true for optimism.? We, as a family, began spreading the gift to see little incidences, subtly pointing out the beauty of the world and the people who inhabit the world can be a miracle .


We began this blog to be able to share the message of finding at least one miracle in your life, and if you have an inspirational story ¬†please share it with each day’s Miracle. Email Hope at¬†hope@eachdaysmiracle.com we would love to share it, with your permission. I have experienced the changes in a person who is having a bad day just by sharing a funny story or pointing out a miracle.