Cayman Delight

The Cayman Islands; I had heard about the miraculous beauty of this vacation land, but words cannot express the wonderment. From the moment you arrive the feeling of happiness overwhelms you. I traveled to many countries and islands; the Caymans have the happiest, respectful, and nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

We rented a car, but truth be told the island is only 20 miles long and most hotels offer a driver. Besides the majestic beaches are well worth the blissful walk.

Pina Colada in the afternoon & dinner Beach Side..Heaven

When we first left for the islands friends kept asking if we were going to be diving; we were not. Please don’t believe diving is the only adventure to do on this small calming island. Swimming with stingrays is always a grand adventure too!

What a magnificent creature

The restaurants are very accommodating serving the freshest food. Each restaurant we ventured to, the chef came to our table and asked how would like our food prepared. I had the opportunity to spend hours conversing with almost all the chefs I met.

There is also dinner on your balcony.. the view is a Miracle!



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